5 simple tips to get rust stains out of your clothes and shoes

This miracle ingredient is something you already have at home

Accidents happen. If you put your wet clothes or shoes on a rusty drying rack, this will surely lead to a brownish red stain. Such a shame for your blouse or suede boots. Thankfully, there are a few ways to get rust stains out of your shoes and clothes. These five tips will make the stains disappear like snow in the sun.

1. Lemon and salt

Ugh, a rust stain on your white button placket? Don’t panic, a lemon and a little salt can easily make the stain disappear. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon on the stain, add a little salt and leave for a while. Next, it’s time to rinse your clothes. You can do this in the sink or in a bucket and then put it in the washing machine. Once the washing machine is ready, chances are you won’t even be able to see where it was! Pay attention: this trick works best on light colored or white material. For colorful clothes or leather shoes, you should try one of the following tips.

2. Vinegar

If you don’t have any lemons at home but you do have vinegar, this can also work wonders for rust stains on light colored clothes and shoes.Mix a bit of salt and a few tablespoons of vinegar and put the mixture on the stain.Scrub it well with an old toothbrush and let it sit for half an hour.Put the clothing or shoes in the washing machine afterwards.This trick also works best for lightly colored clothing and shoes.