Strange use for a slice of bread can save you a lot of pain

Find out why you should use a slice of bread instead of a paper towel

When you’re asked what a slice of bread is for, you’ll probably only think of one thing: you can eat it, of course! For millennia, bread has been a staple of varied diets around the world. What if we told you that bread can also be used for something completely different?
The only time you’ve seen a slice of bread on the floor is probably after you accidentally drop it. I’ll soon find out that there’s a situation where you want that slice of bread on the floor.

Paper towel or slice of bread?
When you spill something, you’ll probably use something like a paper towel or a microfiber cloth to clean it up. This gets the job done nicely. But under some circumstances, these are not the ideal tools for the task. There is one situation in which you should probably think about using a slice of breath instead.

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