Try to avoid these five mistakes when cleaning the TV

Do you make these mistakes when cleaning the TV?

Your TV needs a good cleaning once in a while to avoid accumulating a lot of dust and getting covered in greasy fingerprints. You might think it’s a simple job – just wipe it down with a damp cloth and you’re done. Unfortunately, you can still do bad things when cleaning your TV. Try to avoid these five mistakes from now on.

Try to avoid these five mistakes from now on when you clean the TV.

1. Dishcloth

Do you use a standard dishcloth to clean the TV? If so, it’s better to exchange it for a microfiber cloth. These wipes are specially designed to wipe dirt from glass, screens, cell phones and camera lenses. The biggest advantage of a microfiber cloth is that it does not leave any stripes or scratches on the glass screen.

2. Liquids

Liquids can cause serious damage to LCD, LED and plasma screens, especially if the liquid contain ammonia, alcohol or acetone. It is best to clean the screen with a dry microfiber cloth. Rub greasy fingerprints a few times, and they’ll disappear almost immediately. If the stains persist, then use a special cleaning agent that is made for cleaning glass screens such as TVs, cell phones and computer monitors.

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