Do it Yourself

DIY Graphic String Art To Make Your Own Wall Decor

String art has been on Pinterest and Instagram and we’re sure you’ve seen it and found it as awesome as we do. However, did you know that it’s also quite simple to do yourself? You can customize it to your liking and choose the sayings and colors that suit your interior. It’s also a non-messy project that won’t take long.

What You’ll Need

-string art template printed on paper

-wooden slab

-mini nails


-embroidery thread


Start off by printing your template out and placing it onto the wooden slab. Tape it on so that it doesn’t slip off while you’re working on it.

Take a hammer and hammer a nail into each of the points on the template. Drive each of the nails only halfway into the wood so they are secure, but this will still allow you to wrap them around the string to create the street art graphic. It’s okay if your nails aren’t quite straight.