Do it Yourself

Here’s The Incredible DIY Reason Why You Should Pour Nail Polish Into A Bowl Of Hot Water

This is what you can make with a bit of nail polish and some hot water!

Do you like to get creative and do little (or big) DIY projects? Then we’ve got the perfect one for you today! With just some nail polish and warm water, you can make a work of art that looks like you bought it at an expensive lifestyle store!

With just some nail polish and warm water, you can beautifully decorate some plain mugs!

These beautiful mugs are completely homemade, so they will be much cheaper than what you can buy in any store. They are perfect for gift giving and are so easy to make that they would also be a fun project to make with your kids or grandkids. They look cute, they’re inexpensive, and they’re easy to make. What more could you want? Maybe the list of things you need, so here it is:

  • nail polish (you can use multiple colours if you want)
  • warm water
  • plastic container (deep enough that a mug fits into it)
  • skewer
  • white ceramic mug
  • some greaseproof paper

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