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How To See Potential In An Empty Home According To Experts

When you’re looking for a new place to live, it can be quite challenging to look at a completely empty space and envision just how you’ll settle in. Planning out furniture placement and decor ideas can be really difficult, since most of us aren’t interior design experts. That’s why it’s best to see what the people whose profession this actually is have to say about the matter. Here is some advice on how to spot potential in an empty home.

Imagine Your Daily Flow

Danielle and Kyle of Danielle Kyle Design stress the importance of looking for a functional space. According to Kyle: “What really matters is thinking about living inside the space. We ask ourselves questions like where do we want to sit with our morning cup of coffee and where friends would gather for pleasant conversation. Space is actually only useful. If it helps us live the life we ​​want inside Danielle says, “We look at each space from different angles until we let’s be able to identify the aesthetic and structural strengths of the room.Imagine that windows, unique interiors and existing arches are all an immediate benefit, but they should work with what the house already has to offer.

Look For Architectural Features

Stephanie Watkins of Casa Watkins Living says she looks for architectural features to accent in order to create a beautiful feature in the home with what the home already has to offer. Natural light and small striking places are always helpful. Stephanie says, “While I think any space can be turned into a beautiful creation, I’m a big fan of large patio doors for large plant life, as well as some sort of architectural feature that could be a relief, an arch or a corner. These types of details offer great potential for an interesting element in a space.

Look Past The Furniture

Kera Jeffers of Haute House Love says that empty spaces are actually great to visualizing a home’s true potential. She says that letting your imagination do the work is quite helpful as you can really get creative. She says: “For my crazy design brain I can always see the most potential in an empty space because there aren’t any furnishings to cloud judgment. For me seeing the potential has less to do with specific elements and more to do with being able to exercise the part of the brain that can dream big.”