Do it Yourself

Make Your Own Confetti Coupe Cocktail Glasses

Often, do it yourself projects are quite fun, they are not very often an item that you’ll end up using often. If you’re looking for an enjoyable project that leaves you with a final product that you can use every day, this is the project for you.

Next time you’re at IKEA (there are also plenty of inexpensive options on Amazon), grab some of these stemmed coupe glasses that cost just $2.99 and then head straight to the craft store.

What You’ll Need

-stemmed coupe glasses

-permanent adhesive vinyl in the color of your choosing


What To Do

Cut the vinyl into pieces that resemble little pieces of confetti. One idea is to cut them into asymmetrical wavy edged circles to make them look like confetti.

Once you have the pieces ready, peel off the backing and stick them on the outside of the glasses you bought.