Do it Yourself

Perfect DIY Ideas To Hide The Litter Box From Sight

Let’s face it: having the litter box out on display is just unsightly. If you live in a small home or apartment, it can be difficult to hide the litter box from sight, and the whole place can end up smelling like the kitty’s bathroom. While there are some contraptions you can buy that will hide the box, you can make your own for much less. Here are some ways you can do it yourself!

Litter Box Cabinet

Danae of The Homebody House shared this tutorial that uses an IKEA Brusali cabinet, installs a a cat door, and hides the litter box completely out of sight. You can even keep all the cat supplies in here as well.

Kitty House Cover

This absolutely adorable solution uses some plywood and wood glue to construct a tiny little house that covers up the litter box. The cat shaped cutout allows your kitty to freely roam in and out to do her business in private. Here’s the full tutorial.