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Do you have a double chin? This is how to make it less prominent

A double chin—many women suffer from it

If you think a double chin is more common in slightly fuller women, you are wrong. Even the smallest people can suffer from a double chin. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but many women still feel uncomfortable. many things you can do about it.

The right diet and exercise can have a significant effect, but this is not always the fastest or most desired method. With these tips, you can ensure that your chin is less noticeable.


Not only do clothes make the man, but your hairstyle can also complete your look. The right style can have the effect of a facelift, but without Botox. For example, a nice short bob can add some dimension to the area around your chin, making it look slimmer. Do you have long hair? Then wear it in a ponytail. This elongates your face and neck, which makes your chin stand out much less.


Avoid the clothes in which the focus is on the neck, such as a turtleneck, a blouse with a high closure or other peaks in which too many crowds woven the neck.Rater, opt for peaks with a low collar or a v-neck. Not a fan of a v-neck that is too deep? Go for a top with a beautiful boat neck instead.

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