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Woman looks years younger after impressive metamorphosis

She decided to say goodbye to her long locks
They sometimes say: clothes make the man. But is that really true? A touch of makeup and a new hairstyle can also make a world of difference. Just ask Molly Ray. She visited the Makeoverguy and thanks to this metamorphosis she goes through life with a totally different look.

Molly wanted to feel good about her appearance again.

Carte blanche

“I am getting older and I would like to be my best self,” Molly tells in a video from Makeoverguy when she is asked why she wants to undergo the metamorphosis. “I looked in the mirror and an older woman stared at me. I am looking forward to the metamorphosis without fear. I know I’m in good hands. She gave Christopher a free hand, carte blanche. I want to be happy with myself and with what I look like. ”

The makeover

Christopher, better known as Makeoverguy, didn’t need to be said twice. He put the scissors in Molly’s long locks and also dyed her hair. A new hairstyle can already make a difference, but new clothes and makeup can also give someone a new look. Molly is super happy with the result. “I feel fantastic and happier. I feel great,” she said after the makeover.

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