Roasting meatballs in an egg box? This is why!

Yes you can!
When it comes to baking, roasting or baking, there are a million ways to do something. In the pan, in the normal pan, in the oven, on the barbecue etc. Meatballs are often made in a skillet, but you can also take a different approach: make them in an egg carton.

Do it the easy way!

In an egg box

We had to look at this twice. Baking meatballs in an egg box?! You have to wonder how effective this method is. Yet it works better than expected and you can bake the tastiest meatballs this way, delicious with stew or with the sauce for your favorite spaghetti.

Basic ingredients

For starters, a good base is a must. To get meat meatballs, the way the grandmother does, choose meat on the ground and seasoned with straight herbs.

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