The terrifying reason why canned mandarins look like “clean”

Why are canned mandarins so “clean”?

If you’ve ever made a dessert with canned tangerines, you know how sweet they are. Indeed, most tangerines are preserved in syrup, which makes them beautiful and sweet. But have you ever noticed how strangely “clean” these tangerines are? Fresh tangerine segments look completely different and are still covered with white threads and thin skin. Research shows how this is possible, however, you may not want to eat canned mandarin oranges after learning the truth…

New knowledge does not always make us happy.


If you’ve ever peeled a tangerine, you know how difficult it is to remove the white sprigs. Even if you attack the tangerine with your nails, it is difficult to eliminate them all, and sometimes the tangerine turns into a pitiful pile of pulp. How is it possible that canned tangerines are stripped of their white threads and their peel?

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