This is why you shouldn’t eat chicken everyday.

Few people know that the consequences of eating too much Chicken.

Chicken are widely regarded as one of the most versatile types of meat.Even though chicken is usually known as a healthy choice, that doesn’t mean it’s a good choice to serve this bird on a daily basis.

Eating chicken
Plenty people will serve chicken on a regular basis. Not only is it a good fit for many dishes, but it’s also relatively easy to prepare, and a lot of people like it. Another reason why a lot of people choose chicken, is because it’s a lean type of meat. It contains a lot of protein, while its fat contents are low compared to red meats. That sounds like plenty of good reasons to eat a lot of chicken, right? Well, no. It could lead to a few of the following problems.

Too much chicken

We know that a varied diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle. This also applies to eating chicken – too much of the same is not beneficial as it can lead to health issues. Eating too much chicken is bad for your heart and you are at a higher risk of food poisoning.

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