9 foods and drinks to avoid if you’re trying to lose weight

These foods and drinks can hinder weight loss

Through the body positivity movement we are (finally!) learning to love our bodies as they are. Self-esteem is extremely important, but we must not lose sight of our health. If you want to lose weight to improve your overall health, avoid the following foods and beverages.


Margarine is something to avoid – or at least not eat too much of – because this butter alternative is full of trans fats. Trans fatty acids are not good for the blood vessels and it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, your body does need fats to function properly, so it is wise to choose healthy fats such as olive oil.


We all know that soda isn’t healthy, but especially if you’re trying to lose weight, don’t touch the stuff. If your body gets too much of certain types of sugars, like fructose, then the liver turns this into glucose. Once your body has met its glucose limit, it turns the rest of your sugar intake into fat.

White bread

Do you see the color of bread only as it is, a color? Then it’s time to change that. White bread contains relatively few fibers which are vital for digestion. Wheat bread on the other hand contains many of these fibers. Fibers also keep you feeling full longer. Win-win situation!

Fruit juice

Even if a juice is 100% fruit juice, it is not necessarily healthy. Fruit juices contain a lot of sugar and even though they come from healthy foods, your body still sees them as sugar. Therefore, it is registered as such. Also, fruit juices don’t get healthier in factories. Juice is often stored in oxygen tanks to preserve its flavor, but during this process the juice loses its healthy properties.

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