Stomach cancer: here’s how to recognize the most important symptoms

These signs can warn you.

This is one of the most dangerous types of cancer: stomach cancer. Symptoms of stomach cancer usually go unnoticed until late in the illness, as symptoms are usually mild at first. On average, in Europe, 1 to 2 men out of 100 and 0.5 to 1 woman out of 100 have stomach cancer. A small chance, but being aware of the symptoms is still important.

Stomach cancer often goes unnoticed

Stomach cancer is a rare disease and is often overlooked initially. Stomach complaints are difficult to identify and can be related to many different things. When someone visits a doctor with unspecific stomach complaints, stomach cancer is not the first thing that comes to mind. Luckily, the disease is easy to treat, especially when it is discovered at an early stage.

Cases of stomach cancer in the Netherlands

Fortunately, the prevalence of stomach cancer has been declining for a while.The cases differ between men and women.The disease mainly occurs in men between the ages of 60 and 75.Most women who suffer from stomach cancer are 75 or older.

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