The way you stand says something about your personality

People with low self-esteem carry themselves in these three ways

We all know it’s important to walk and stand all the time, but that’s not always what everyone does. The following three positions suggest low self-esteem. Fortunately, you can improve your posture and eventually improve your self-image.

Psychologist Dr. Seema Hingorany knows how much your posture says about your personality. She states that it speaks volumes about your personality and self-confidence. “Both elements are necessary for the overall holistic development of the person,” she tells Voque India.

Do you often find yourself in the following postures? Here’s what it says about your personality.

Slightly hunchbacked

People who never straighten their back fully, but often keep it slightly hunched, often have low self-esteem. “It indicates a person with low self-confidence, someone who is used to conflict and grief,” says Hingorany.

The psychologist recommends that you teach yourself to always keep your back straight. You can also achieve this with exercises such as yoga or jogging. “Always be aware of your bad posture so you can correct it if it happens.”

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