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A family bought a dog, but the vet called the police the moment he saw it

Why did the vet name the police?
Sue Yun is from China and lives in Yunnan. Her and her own circle of relatives had been debating getting a canine for pretty a while. One day they went to the puppy shop to locate one. One adorable and fluffy domestic dog stuck her eye and Sue knew proper away: this become the only she wanted.

New member of the family

It was love at first sight when Sue and her family saw the puppy. They didn’t have to think long about it at all: this puppy was going home with them. Before heading home, the family asked the store manager what kind of dog it was. He confidently replied that it was a Tibetan Mastiff. Sue was over the moon, those turn into big, beautiful, fluffy dogs. She called him Little Cute Blackie.

Odd behavior

Once they got home, Sue realized that the puppy’s behavior was very unique, different from other dogs. The dog had a huge appetite. The puppy ate two buckets of pasta and a cardboard box full of fruit every day. The cute puppy also barked in a weird way. It didn’t sound like a normal “woof,” but more of a scream. The store manager had already told them that Tibetan Mastiffs were a special breed, so Sue didn’t think much of it. Little Cute Blackie was clearly enjoying himself with Sue and her family who lovingly took care of him.

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