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Mother puts camera in her daughter’s room and what she sees is shocking

UnusualIt’s obviously not normal to put a camera in your kid’s bedroom.And yet this American mother, Ashley LeMay chose to buy one and hang it up in her daughters’ bedroom.

Medical worries

Ashley LeMay lives with her husband and four daughters in Mississippi. Children love costume parties, games and running around the house. However, the family has problems. One of the girls has a very bad medical history. The girl, just four years old, sometimes has stroke-like episodes.

The purchase

This was also the reason that LeMay chose to buy a camera. She often has to work evenings and likes to keep an eye on things. So once they saw the camera on sale on Black Friday they didn’t wait a second.

A strange twist

Once the camera was installed, something happened that they weren’t expecting. Their eight-year-old daughter Alyssa, who shares a room with two sisters, heard strange noises coming from the bedroom and decided to take a look.

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