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One Marine can’t wait to see his wife but is shocked once he does.

The reunion after months of separation didn’t go exactly as planned

The American Marine, Chris Daugherty, had to leave his young family behind for months at a time for missions. Obviously, he can’t wait to hold his wife and kids once again, but the reunion didn’t go quite as planned…

Months away from home

The American Chris Daugherty is a Marine and therefore has to set sail for months at a time for missions. This was also the case in January of 2017. Chris left his family behind for a five-month long mission. His wife Natasha, his son, and two daughters had to cope without him for the time being. During the mission, Chris had a case of bad luck. The mission was going to last longer than they thought meaning he would be away from home for a longer period of time. Chris has no idea what’s waiting for him at home.

Keeping secrets

It’s not easy for Natasha to stay home with three young kids. Besides raising her son and daughters, the hard-working mom also works two jobs. And on top of that she’s got another secret she’s trying to keep. Although she regularly video calls Chris, she doesn’t tell him everything that’s going on at home. She has to ask her kids to keep their mouths shut as well when talking to Chris. The young mother is constantly worried that Chris will find out that she’s trying to keep a secret.

Dangerous work

Tensions skyrocket on the ship where Chris also works. The navy works as a cryptographic technician. His job is to decipher signals and codes. They are currently found off the coast of Korea. The crew suffers the shock of their lives when North Korea decides to test ballistic missiles while they are very close. They are well aware that their work involves many risks and are eager to see how the situation develops. Natasha is also following the situation on the Korean coast. She is extremely worried that something could happen to her husband and may have to reveal his secret. At this point, she’s not sure she’ll ever see Chris alive again…

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