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The Design Rules That You Should Actually Be Breaking

When it comes to interior design, the “rules are meant to be broken” phase couldn’t be truer. Of course, many people think that there are no real rules, just guidelines, and this is especially true when it comes to personal design choices. There are design rules you hear over and over, but do you really have to follow them? Here are some design rules that we encourage you to break. Let your creativity flow!

Use Light Colors In Small Spaces

Use Light Colors In Small Spaces

While small rooms do benefit from light colors to make them feel more spacious, that doesn’t always have to be true.If you choose a darker color, especially if jewel toned, can actually create more dimensions are add some interest to the room that might otherwise not be there.

Mixing Too Many Patterns

Most designers will usually advise you not to mix more than two prints at a time. However, many design trends break this rule. Take the big millennium, for example – mixing dimensional models is definitely encouraged here. Many designs that were once considered overdone are now back in fashion. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Use Only One Metal Finish Per Room

A lot of people think that if you’re using some metal for hardware in the room especially with each application of the metal finish. That does not have to be the case at all, since you can actually use multiple metal finishes in order to create more of a layered room and increase depth.