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Weeds growing in between the tiles? This is why you shouldn’t try to remove them

Weeds also have quite a few benefits

They can be quite an eyesore, all the weeds growing out between the tiles or patio. Even after a whole day on your knees trying to get rid of all the weeds, they always seem to grow back right in the same spot as before. But actually, getting rid of all the weeds isn’t necessary. In reality, weeds can be very beneficial!

We all think that weeds are a bad thing. They take away from your garden’s beauty, of course. But nobody ever really wants to take on the task of getting rid of them. Is de-weeding a chore you fret? Then we’ve got great news for you. There’s lots of benefits to letting it run its course and grow free!

Water drainage

Say goodbye to the endless hours of de-weeding! It’s fine to let them grow a bit and you won’t have to use all kinds of chemical solutions to keep them from growing back. It might look a little sloppy but one of the reasons you’ll want to keep the weeds around is to help with water drainage. A lot of times, water can’t drain correctly through the garden tiles. You’ve probably noticed that your garden floods after every heavy rainfall. However, weeds between the tiles soak up a lot of the rainwater in their roots which creates more air in the soil thus allowing water to drain more smoothly.

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