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Wow: This family lives in an old 16m2 school bus

The bus is designed in such a way that the four of them can live there

Four people living in a 16m2 bus? This family is doing just that. Jennifer Bateman and her wife Kaitlin Porter exchanged their home for a converted school bus and made brilliant use of the small space.

Pink school bus

Jennifer and Kaitlin live with their children Canyon (14) and Oakland (4) in one space. The family decided to make a big change a year ago from a 370 square meter house to a tiny 16 square meter school bus. The bus is painted bright pink and has been serving as a home for a year now. How do you fit four people and their belongings into such a small space? It took good planning.

Living differently

“We wanted to take our kids on an adventure and put more energy and attention on our wish list,” Jennifer and Kaitlin told Apartment Therapy. “The idea of ​​a small house on wheels immediately spoke to us”. The couple discovered a whole community of people living in converted school buses and decided to try it out for themselves. “A bus is unique, fascinating, affordable and we had a lot of influence on the design.


The bus has a bunk bed for the children and a fold-out double bed for the mothers. Not a single corner or hole is unused. Kaitlin and Jennifer have come up with smart solutions to have as much storage space as possible. The pink school bus also has a kitchen (with a large refrigerator). However, there was no room for a dining table. “We solved that with folding tables, but it can get pretty tight if we have to eat inside.” When the weather permits, the family lives outside as much as possible.

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