Hack A Platform Storage Bed By Assembling Different Ikea Products

Having a bed that is also a storage space is really one of the best life hacks out there. There’s nothing like functional furniture, and this one combines both comfort and convenience. While you can buy beds that have storage space in them already, they tend to be very expensive. You can actually assemble your own with just a few different pieces of Ikea furniture. This way you can also customize it to fit your space and your personal taste. Here are some ideas.

Bookshelf Bed

A woman named Lummi decided that it would be best to balance her mattress on top of two KALLAX Ikea bookshelves. The best part is that she can store anything that she doesn’t want displayed in the cube baskets and keep things that she does want out in the shelves without any baskets.

MALM Dresser Bedframe

By taking Ikea storage cabinets or dressers, you can create elevated loft beds that can create extra room in small spaces. By using the MALM dresser with a mattress placed on top of it, Erica Massey was able to create way more useful space in her small bedroom.