How To Easily Add More Balance To Your Bedroom

Most of the time, when thinking about how to remodel or update our home, we tend to focus on the areas outside of our bedrooms. While it’s easy to forget to make changes to the kitchen or living room to accommodate guests, it’s also important to think about ourselves. After all, if you spend half your life there, you might as well make it enjoyable.

Your bedroom should feel like your sanctuary, where you go to recharge after a long day and wake up (hopefully) refreshed in order to take on the next one. If your bedroom doesn’t feel quite right, it can throw off the whole balance of your day. That’s why you should make these simple and very doable changes to really keep your bedroom balanced. Here are some easy ways to create a more harmonious bedroom.

The Bed Should Lead The Way

The bed is, unsurprisingly, the piece of furniture that tends to inform the rest of the design decisions in your home. Whether you’re going by pure practicality or by feng shui, you should be positioning your bed in a way that will help you maximize your sleep and rest time. Do you prefer that it faces the morning light? What about it being far away from the door? Just go for what feels most right to you.

You can choose whichever bed feels most natural and comfortable for you. We recommend The Bed by Thuma which has a slim frame and natural wood finishes. It incorporates Japanese joinery that keeps it elegant and makes it easy to set up in just a few minutes without any tools needed. That way, if you ever want to reposition your bed, you can easily move this bed around without a big fuss.