The Best Coffee Table Books According To Designers

Coffee table books are a great way to add personality to your home and be able to showcase your interests in a fun way. While many coffee table books are design related, you can pick the books you like from any genre that suits your imagination. Here are some great options that design experts have picked out just the way you like.

30,000 Years of Art: The Story of Human Creativity Across Time and Space

Whitney Jones of Whitney J Decor shared, “One of my favorite books on the coffee table is ‘30,000 Years of Art’ because it’s such a bold and vibrant summary of history! The book itself- even is a work of art, with its super thick pink, bold and yellow hardcover, and the eye-catching descriptions of each featured piece are beautifully written. I love that this is a tabletop book Smaller-scaled (but incredibly heavy) coffee table, making it perfect for home furnishings Smaller accent But don’t be fooled The fun color ensures it won’t get lost on large coffee tables and shelves .It’s also a great conversation piece for guests, as it makes everyone want to peek inside.

Hand-Painted Interiors

Sterling McDavid, Founder of Sterling McDavid Design, said: “There are few things you can find in a home as exquisite as de Gournay’s hand-painted wallcoverings, so I quickly bought this book when it came out. I keep it on my desk so I keep it, I can easily refer to it whenever I’m looking for inspiration for a project.

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