What Are Some Of The Biggest Bathroom Trends Right Now?

There is something about a large bathroom that can really make us feel at home. Maybe it’s that feeling of spaathome that makes us feel like home can be just as luxurious, or that a nice relaxing bath at the end of the day is the epitome of intimacy Either way , bathroom trends can really increase the value of yours. up to 5%. Here are some of the most popular bathroom features you may want to add to your home.

Popular device: Bidet
while bidet was quite common in other parts of the world, most American houses usually have to have baths with a google bidet.selon, bidet research reached 1.68 million, probably because they are eco-friendly as they help cut down on toilet paper and wipes use. Smart toilets have also been a popular search.

Popular style: Scandinavian
It should come as no surprise, but Scandinavian style bathrooms have taken the top spot, with a 340% increase in online searches in 2021. Vintage bathrooms, terrazzo style, spa style and minimalist bathrooms also have cycles, vintage-style pink tiles are back and have seen a 19% surge in popularity.